shu und sheng Pu Erh Teas from Yunnan, China

Pu Erh Tea

Ripened (fermented, cooked, “shu”) and raw (unripened, “sheng”) Pu Erh Teas from Yunnan, China

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  • Lincang Fermented (shu) Pu Erh Tea

    First Grade Lincang Ripe Pu Erh Tea


    Ripe Pu Erh tea (fermented /cooked Pu Erh tea) from the Lincang area (north of Pu Erh prefecture) in Yunnan province, China. Ripened loose leaf “shu” Pu Erh tea; winner of our strictly taste-oriented initial in-house degustation of Yunnan Pu Erh teas.

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  • Raw (unripened, 'sheng') Puerh tea, Lancang River, Yunnan, China

    Wild Purple Buds Sheng Puerh Tea


    Raw (’sheng‘) Puerh Tea from wild, ancient tea trees in the forests of Lang Cang River in Pu Erh, Yunnan, China, picked and processed by members of the Yunnan indigenous Dai ethnicity. An exceptional tea with a rich tradition, featuring everything that can enthuse about a sheng puerh tea, while saving any possible downsides of the same. Whoever felt disappointed so far of raw Puerh teas or simply found it hard to access, should give it another try with this one. And… a tea with a story!

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