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Unshaded Japanese Sencha green teas: Sencha and Fukamushi Sencha

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  • Sencha Gokujo / unshaded sprinf picking (April) Sencha tea with only young buds and leaves being picked from Kirishima, Kagoshima, Japan

    Sencha Gokujo (Ichibancha)


    Sencha Gokujo, about translating to ‘best quality Japanese green tea’, fully lives up to its name. As an unshaded Sencha tea of the first spring picking (April) with a picking standard of young spring buds and leaves only, this green tea from the north of Kagoshima prefecture is almost a rarity on the western tea market. The fertile volcanic soils and the beneficial climate of Kirishima mountains, along with the mist regularly covering the tea gardens further contribute to infusing this soft, floral-sweet and tantalizingly fruity tasting tea with a highly distinct character of its own.

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