SiamTeas Signature Shiboridashi - 100% hand-crafted according to SiamTeas specifications


Shiboridashi – Japanese clay vessel for green tea preparation

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  • SiamTeas Signature Shiboridashi, 100ml - individually handcrafted

    SiamTeas Signature Shiboridashi 100ml, unglazed


    The Signature Shiboridashi is made of a fine, light clay, and left unglazed. When firing, the almost white clay develops dark speckles, which are iron inclusions, i. e. droplets of iron contained in the clay. In addition, different shades of color arise, forming a visually discreet, but nevertheless appealing stripe pattern. What’s more, not only in aesthetic, but also in functional terms the 100ml tea preparation vessel leaves nothing to wish for.

    For more information and illustration, please refer to the detailed product description below.