Tea accessories from China: Yixing teapots, teacups, tea instrument sets, aroma cup set, glass teapots, glass teacups, etc.

  • Teapots

    Teapots (3)

    Chinese (Yi Xing style) clay tea pots crafted in Taiwan at Siam Tea Shop
  • Gaiwan

    Gaiwan (1)

    Chinese tea preparation vessel, originally developed from a simple tea bowl and mostly used for preparing green and white teas.
  • Tea Boats / Tables

    Tea Boats / Tables (2)

    Tea boats, tea tables, tea trays and tea tabletss for Chinese style tea preparation
  • Tea Utensils

    Tea Utensils (5)

    Miscellaneous around the tea and tea preparation: Tea utensils / Gong Fu Cha utensil sets, teapot warmers, tea water thermometer, tea sandglasses, tea spoons / scoops and more...
  • Tea Containers

    Tea Containers (23)

    Tea caddys / tea boxes / tea containers / tea tins / Matcha boxes / Matcha containers / Matcha tins / Matcha tea tins / Matcha tea caddies / Matcha tea containers from different materials and in various styles for the proper, convenient and decorative storage of loose leaf teas.
  • Aroma Cup Sets

    Aroma Cup Sets (4)

    Sets of tea aroma / degustation cups at Siam Tea Shop
  • Tea Cups

    Tea Cups (6)

    Selection of tea cups an tea glasses / glass teacups at Siam Tea Shop
  • Tea Infusers

    Tea Infusers (1)

    Non-electrical glass or ceramic tea infusers at Siam Tea Shop
  • Glass Tea Pots

    Glass Tea Pots (2)

    Glass pots for tea preparation / tea ceremony (Gong Fu Cha) at Siam Tea Shop